Thursday, 18 October 2012

Maurice Binder

M16 the home of James Bond
 Maurice Binder
"He was first offered the job of designing a feature film title sequence in 1958  by director Stanley Donen for his production of "Indiscreet". Binder became a regular face on many of Donen's productions before being picked up by the Bond family. It was his work on "The Grass Is Greener" (1960) that caught Bond producer, Cubby Broccoli's eye, and thus won him the job on "Dr. No", just a year later.
The first Bond title, "Dr. No" while simple in itself and expresses this pop-art movement perfectly. The coloured spheres that flash brightly, blended with the movement of silhouetted dancing girls - who become a regular fixture in Binder titles and indeed icons of the James Bond cinema experience."
more on Maurice Binder here.
this is a really good site for title design and title designers.
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Event 6-8 Nov Parasol unit Bristol

 Maya Deren - Meshes in the afternoon, is a profound film and there is an occasion to see it screened large in Bristol...

Parasol Unit Bristol
6 Nov, 7 pm
Maya Deren | ‘Meshes of the afternoon’, 1943, (15 mins), ‘At Land’, 1944, (15 mins).
Sarah Pucill | ‘You Be Mother’, 1990, (7 mins); ‘Milk and Glass’, 1993, (8 mins); and ‘Phantom Rhapsody’, 2010, (19 mins).

7 Nov, 7 pm
Artist’s selection: ‘The NeverEnding Story’ selected by Sonny Sanjay Vadgaman
Director: Wolfgang Petersen, 1984
PG, 94 min.
Parasol unit has invited artist Sonny Sanjay Vadgama to select a film in response to Bharti Kher’s current solo show. Based in a world of mythic creatures called Fantasia, ‘The NeverEnding Story’ is a tale in which reality and the myth merge together to draw on themes of escape and survival. Sonny will introduce this classic fantasy film with a discussion on his selection.

8 Nov, 7 pm:
Claire Hooper | NYX, 2010, (22 mins) and Eris, 2012, (36 mins)
(Please note these works contain scenes that may be disturbing for some viewers)
Followed by an in-conversation between Claire Hooper and Gil Leung of LUX, London.

£6/£5 concessions for one evening
£15/£12 concessions for three evenings
(Tickets include a glass of wine)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Welcome to the new 2012/13 Blog

Over the coming weeks, make sure to attach and link youself to this growing community of Animation students and their progress on the way to graduation in May 2013